Burst of Amour

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10 maart 2019
Auteur(s): Ronald Tipan
A poem...

by Francesca Orazzini


It’s been a while since I’ve known your body,


The chords of your flesh seem aliens to my world.

So trembling and inadequate, raw material I am:

a novice,

a caterpillar,

a virginal spouse,

unravished bride of flaming devotion.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt

The famish of your gaze in deep brown oceans;


you seize with uncharitable grip upon my skin,

despite your absence, if not in dreams.

You’ll soon be nearer to my quivering soul,

Bringing absinth and ruins,

and I taste your sourness upon my intimacy.

Amalgam of silk and mud,

You’ll blemish my blooming blossom.

Furtively, I’ve already been poisoned by lust.

My appetites are hard to feed

And your lips,

so candid and plump,

apples this Eve hungers for.

Bones so ferrous

Against my creamy veneer;

Once my shell is shattered,

A lioness arouses:

scratches and bites you countenance,

breaks and destroys your passion,

as tough you were shimmering porcelain in her claws.


When ardour has extinguished,

Each facet of her transmutes.

Metamorphosed into a lily

Or a butterfly of fading beauty

Feeble and friable in his grasp,

In his embrace she rests.

I’m glad I’ve waited for your return.

In your arms I lay and rest.

I cherish you, oh my Ohana.

Yours, Iris.