Fast Food Places of Leuven


19 september 2019
Auteur(s): Ronald Tipan
In need of a quick bite but not sure where to go? Don't worry Alexia has you covered. After visiting some of Leuven's fast food establishments she has come up with a list of the Top 4 to go to!

by Alexia Barrett

Contributing Writer

In the near 5 months I’ve spent exploring Leuven I’ve also spent my time exploring the food. Even before I arrived in Belgium I was told that I must try the chocolate, waffles, and Frites as they are the trademark dishes of the country. I wasn’t disappointed as my arrival in Leuven involved various visits to waffle stands around Grote Markt, I tasted the highly acclaimed Frites and collected my fair amount of chocolate, but I soon realised that these aren’t the only foods that Belgium, and more specifically Leuven, has to offer. Leuven surprisingly has a variety of fast food venues and as a lover of fast food I dove into Leuven’s takeaway world with vigor.

Here I will discuss four of the more interesting fast food venues I came across in Leuven, excluding the popular and global franchises such as McDonald's and Domino's pizza.

Chee Kofte & Wraps

4.7 star rating according to Google

One thing that surprised me the most about Leuven was the sheer amount of Kebab or Turkish-inspired food stores. If I see one Kebab store on a street I barely have to walk a few stores down before I see another Kebab shop on the same street. Unlike the Kebab stores of Britain, where I’m from, these kebab stores offer Broodje kebab, a kebab in a large slice of bread, which ends up being very filling. This was unusual for me, since I’m used to seeing my kebabs in wraps or in thin slices of pitta.

This leads me onto Chee Kofte and Wraps , out of all the stores I’ve visited I like this one the most. This is of course a subjective matter and there are so many kebab stores in Leuven that you may disagree with my choice, but I found the hygiene of the store and the service impeccable. And I love my kebabs in decent wraps.


4.2 star rating according to Google

I was probably 14 when I first learnt that "würst" referred to German sausage, but I had never actually tried proper würst before. That’s probably why I became so interested in Würst the restaurant when I came across it in Leuven. Honestly, who doesn’t like hot dogs? (excluding the vegetarians and vegans in that rhetorical question). I was not disappointed as well since all the hot dogs I tried at Würst tasted great. Also, they have a great variety on offer in their menu and the restaurant, like most restaurants in Leuven, is quite nice. So, if you haven’t yet, give it a cheeky visit.

't Galetje

4.5 star rating according to Google

I love Ice-cream! Dessert might as well be my middle name considering the amount of sweets, or as the Americans would say candy, that I consume on a daily basis. Every time I pass a ‘t Galetje store in Leuven I have to have a bite. The ice-cream is reasonably priced and they have gorgeous flavours from rich mango sorbet to creamy caramel coffee. Honestly, if you love ice cream you will love this place.


Tokio Sushi Bar

4.5 star rating according to Google

Last but not least, Tokio Sushi Bar. Another thing that surprises me about Leuven is the various and large amounts of Asian cuisine the city has to offer. There are so many sushi places, ramen places, Chinese places that my stomach starts rumbling when I walk down certain streets. My mind gets all jumbled with the great amount of choice. Out of the two sushi places I’ve been to I really liked Tokio Sushi Bar, it has a lovely ambience and the food was delish. I probably need to explore more sushi places to get a better idea of how it is compared to most sushi stores around Leuven, but going by its high rating on google, many others also like it too!

Did Alexia miss any places you think are absolutely unavoidable for the hungry student? Let us know what your favourite places to eat in Leuven are! e-mail us at or message us on Facebook