Meet our Science Editor!


01 december 2018
Auteur(s): Philip Lepoutre
My vision...

Hi there! My name is Philip Lepoutre and as one of the new editors for The Voice – your international student magazine – I would like to introduce you to the Science Section of The Voice, which will give you an insight into the latest emerging technologies of our world, detailed explanations of common misconceptions and much more! I am myself an international student inspired by the evolution of science in the last centuries and I am now in my 1st year at KU Leuven within the faculty of Technology Engineering (International group).

This will be the 1st time in the history of The Voice that there is a section dedicated to Science, so we are really excited to start writing articles for you, so you can be constantly kept up to date with the advancement of the scientific frontier. Also, if anyone is interested in writing articles for this section or would like to suggest possible topics for us to cover, whether you are part of The Voice or not, contact us at: