My Vision for Opinion and Politics Section


01 december 2018
Auteur(s): Sam Greet
Sam Greet, 21, British, Studying Social Sciences Erasmus Exchange at KU Leuven (International Relations at the University of Leeds)

by Sam Greet

Opinion/Politics Editor

My vision for the next year of Politics and Opinion here at the Voice is a platform for diverse and divergent views, that challenge and feed into a culture of health discussion and debate between equals all the in spirit of helping all of us understands ourselves and others

On the 'Politics' side, firstly I hope to use the Voice as a platform to keep international students here engaged with current political affairs outside of Belgium as and when they emerge in world politics, whether that be the election of a new President in Brazil, a revolution in Armenia, a mid-term election in the USA or the eventual tumble of Britain out of the European Union. Secondly, I would also like to see wider, non-event specific political commentaries or thought pieces put forward. I would like some degree of lively discussion and debate and would like to welcome any political opinions (that remain thoughtful and retain common decency) to have a platform in the Voice in an effort to avoid creating an echo chamber of a certain perspective.

This applies even more so to the 'Opinions' which I see as having two sides to it as well. On the one hand I would like some degree of unusual or out of the box opinions, which may not find agreement from everyone but are thought provoking and challenging for those that read them. I hope to build on the fantastic 'Speaker's Corner' that takes place at 5:30pm on Tuesday's in Pangea and take on controversial topics regularly, with the aim to help others create their own opinions rather than produce one common voice for all. I hope to welcome follow up or response articles as and when certain pieces prompt a strong response, so the section can act as a platform for dialogue and not just expression. On the other hand, the section will also present more abstract pieces at least bi-weekly within the section, looking at Opinions that fall out of general conversation and reach more into the deeper and more complex questions about life and the world around us.

Please have a read of the introduction pieces, and let me know what you think (whether criticism or support!) at LL15S3G@LEEDS.AC.UK. The Voice can be your Voice here at KU Leuven to express freely your political inclinations and thoughtful opinions, whatever they may be.