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18 november 2019
Auteur(s): Rafiqul Islam
Red is a vibrant colour which evokes emotion and meaning in all of us, and it is therefore quite suitably the title of this poem, which has been written and illustrated by Md Rafiqul Islam

by Md Rafiqul Islam

Contributing Writer & Illustrator

She wanted to be the first ray of dawn,

Piercing through the thick curtain of fog.

She wanted to be the first raindrop of monsoon,

As magical and vinous as petrichor.

She came with a smile.

You knew she could win the world-

Melt your ice-cold throne!

She had thousands of burning stars within, 

Were you scared of her light?

She came unshielded, unarmed,

She came with hands wide open and

Your destrier bent knees before her.

You tried to stop her with

Your book of magic verses,

Enslaved and branded her with your red-hot medallion.

Your fire cremated her agony, melted her chains.

She stood there- 

naked as truth, inevitable as oblivion.

You shivered in fear, screamed as you saw-

your tomorrow in her eyes.

You stabbed her with the sword you inherited,

That killed your mother.

You slit her throat to stop the song she was singing,

That reminds you of your childhood lullaby.

You could see your face in her dazzling eyes,

You faded it with blood stain.

She wanted to live in every colour of the rainbow.

But you killed that girl and painted her red!