Students For Climate from Leuven to March on Thursday

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13 februari 2019
Auteur(s): Nicholas Johnston
Belgian High School Students Taking Action Against Climate Change!

by Aaron Van Poecke

Guest Writer

Students for Climate has been founded in the aftermath of the first climate protests of Youth for Climate, the climate movement of the Belgian youngsters. Its main purpose is to support high school students and show that we stand as one generation in our fight for climate justice. Students for Climate aims to unite all Belgian university and college students around the struggle for ambitious policies of climate justice. This Thursday, February 14th Students for Climate aim to do just that by going together to Brussels with other student strikers.

The ideas behind this movement are stated in the Students for Climate manifesto. Here we ask, among other things, that the Belgian government pays attention to what scientists have been saying for years: we need to act now. We demand structural changes in the way our economy works, since by the rate we are producing and consuming now, we will not reach the goal of climate neutrality by 2050. Students for Climate does not demand social taxes on the Belgian people, but for systematic change carried out under one climate minister, not four who keep pointing fingers.

In the long run, Students for Climate aims at organizing open meetings to debate the climate issue and to participate in finding a constructive solution. We hope to work together with people of all ages all over Belgium and find a solution that works for everyone. The ultimate goal is that climate change is tackled both in Belgium and abroad. If we do, then we need not reach the point of no return, and our children and grandchildren will not have to bear the consequences of our irresponsible behaviour.

Students for Climate Leuven is the local committee of a national organization. Our goal is to unite all students from the KU Leuven and UCLL. Thus, Students for Climate Leuven aims to organize protests among all students from Leuven, starting from the fourteenth of February. On this day, we will assemble in Leuven and head to Brussels for a protest with youngsters and students from all over Belgium. In the future, we plan to organize protests and fun events together with Youth for Climate Leuven in order to raise awareness for the global issue that the climate problem is and the urgent solution it requires.

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