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20 januari 2021
Auteur(s): Janne Teerlinck
Check out this sustainable guide for you to live/ visit Leuven in a sustainable manner!

Written by Janne Teerlinck

Contributing Writer

Are you a new resident who wants to connect to the urban sustainability scene of Leuven? Or are you an all-time local who wants to rediscover and explore Leuven in a sustainable way? 

This map can then be the perfect guide to help you visit and/or live sustainably in the city of Leuven!

Why is it worth tucking this map in your pocket and using it?

Under the pressure of the current climate crisis, every little action or individual choice does make a difference, so it is important that we all change our habits and reduce our impact on the environment. Sustainable foods and products have less negative impacts, including reduced carbon emissions, waste production and pollution. Moreover, sustainable shopping also addresses social and economic issues, as it encourages fair wages and a safe working environment and supports small and medium economic activities and thus promotes the local community of Leuven! By buying sustainable goods and services, you as a consumer not only reconsider the consequences of your shopping habits and change it for the better by also reshaping the future of our planet. 

What does the map offer?

The sustainable city map of Leuven offers you an overview of sustainable alternatives to everyday shops and services, categorized as supermarkets, shops, dining & drinks, green hubs & mobility. 

The category ‘supermarkets’ includes a range of zero waste, locally sourced or natural products supermarkets. The category ‘shops’ features many different options, from fair fashion and second-hand stores to ecological product stores. Under ‘dining & drinks’, there are some suggestions for vegan, plant-based or locally sourced restaurants. The category ‘green hubs’ provides an overview of creative ‘green’ places, focused on the environment and the climate. Lastly, under ‘mobility’, you can find places where to repair your bike, where to play sports outdoors and for free, as well as major bus stops and car-sharing spots.

Hereby, this map can serve as a guide during your first weeks in Leuven, for the exploration of the sustainability scene in Leuven or for an original way to discover this lovely town in the heart of Flanders! 

You can also use this link to open the map in Google Maps and enjoy!

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