The Curse of Autumn

Arts & Culture

03 december 2019
Auteur(s): Rafiqul Islam
Autumn is now coming to an end and Rafiq’s new poem titled The Curse of Autumn truly captures that feeling... as unrequited love born with the fiery autumn leaves also rustles in the wind

by Md Rafiqul Islam

Contributing Writer & Illustrator

We strolled through these woods,

Along the Dyle, on a wooden bridge,

On this burning carpet of autumn leaves.

I was looking at you, calm and steady-

You’d be scared if you'd seen my eyes.

Autumn must have cursed me,

Hexed me with love again.

Erased the ocean where I worshipped colour.

It’s dead, frozen and white now!

She sang me the song of winter,

And blinded my eyes with snow,

I don’t play for autumn anymore,

My fingers are frozen and numb.

I wish I could have frozen time,

When you walked beside me,

And your careless fingers touched mine.

I promise I never felt anything more electric.

How I wished to hold those hands,

And whisper how intoxicating your hair smells.

Tonight, I’ll play the guitar till my fingers bleed,

And the thirsty goddess gives me her blessings.

To burn those years-old pages of our diaries,

And hide the ashes under these autumn leaves!

I’ll play till the guitar dazes my consciousness,

Till I lose sanity, and draw a kiss on you-

Tender, firm and audacious!

Tonight, I’ll play till the strings tear apart,

Till I forget you are not mine to caress.