The Voice on Radio!

Soon in Leuven

21 maart 2019
Auteur(s): Ronald Tipan
We are on Radio Scorpio, 106FM or Friday, 22 March 2019, at 17:00-18:00. Check us out!

The Voice on the Radio! It is a 1-hour weekly news program comprised of international students looking to share stories and opinions that matter with one voice. 

Hear amazing personal stories from our body of international students, get advice on where to travel during the holidays, and immerse yourself in different cultures. Learn current world events through the eyes of our international students and read opinions that matter to all of us. We are a student body that cares and support one another. We encourage all students from all walks of life to share their voices (pun intended) and help us build this growing community of doers, influencers, and leaders of tomorrow. 

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Hosts: Nicolas Rojas Preciado and Philip Lepoutre


Katrien Kolenberg, Artist and Astrophysicist

This week on The Voice’s radio show, immerse yourself in the common grounds of human nature: Science and Arts. Our respected guest, artist and astrophysicist Katrien Kolenberg will discuss her performance “Music of The Stars” and guide us through the journey of music and astronomy coming together in a single symphony. The sounds of Jazz and Blues will surround the soul of the poets in this special of international poetry recital where language is no barrier for emotion.