David Salazar

Benieuwd wat deze auteur in het verleden schreef? Hier alvast een handig overzicht.

Artikels van David Salazar

As lockdown measures gradually start to be relaxed, we can begin to look back at the events that unfolded over the past few months, the research that has led us through it and the impacts of COVID-19.

Awe-inspiring and unusual light & sound shows can be found at 3 of Leuven's churches: Sint-Michielskerk, Kapel Zwartzusters-Klooster, and Sint-Antonius Kapel.

CRISPR is one of the new hot topics in Science and has an enormous potential to change the way we live. But what actually is it? And how does it work?

2019 is a year unlike any other! Contrary to what some may believe, it is not the year of the Dog, the Horse, nor the Dragon, but rather intriguingly, the year of the Periodic Table of Elements.

Have you ever wondered how an X-ray works?

Have you ever wondered how MRI works?