Nicolas Rojas

Benieuwd wat deze auteur in het verleden schreef? Hier alvast een handig overzicht.

Artikels van Nicolas Rojas

A seasonal short fiction piece from The Voice's radio host Nicolas Rojas Preciado.

The history of Latin America is complicated and full of turmoil. Recently, there have been many protests and drastic governmental changes in the region but how did we get here and what's next?

This poem in Spanish titled "Night in which Paris sold itself to the moon" is a tale of passion, and only a few languages manage to capture such beauty better than Spanish.

I walk out of there at noon under the prominent sun, carrying the weight of this heavy clothing and, under it, my own odor dampening the skin.

Nicolas Rojas Preciado, Colombian, Bachelor student of Engineering Technology at Campus Groep T, KU Leuven, Contact: