Sam Greet

Benieuwd wat deze auteur in het verleden schreef? Hier alvast een handig overzicht.

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What has streaming done to our society?

Being a good person is without a doubt something that is crucial for our social interactions. Yet, is it distinctively human?

“I find that using evidence of unequal outcomes between demographics is not at all evidence of systemic racism or sexism, and Malaysia is living proof of this.”

“It is hard not to recall ideas of a ‘white saviour’ colonial-mentality and a certain degree of back-patting and self-appreciation in the use of these acts of charity or assistance a

Brexit is entering a decisive period. Will the UK leave as planned? Will it reject the agreement and leave with no deal? Will it try to remain in the EU after all?

The EU just approved Theresa May's Brexit deal. Read what our section editor thinks about it.

Sam Greet, 21, British, Studying Social Sciences Erasmus Exchange at KU Leuven (International Relations at the University of Leeds)