At last in the fertile valley

Arts & Culture

03 april 2019
Auteur(s): Nicolas Rojas
A poem...

by Nicolas Rojas

Arts & Culture Editor

“Dainty twine tangled around our two distant plethoric bodies, bodies that kindly rest apart in the sensory vanity of the unknown. Two forms untouched by the liquor of the seedling, awaiting in inaudible despair; two souls bathed in turbid water. We underestimated existence and its anonymous preference for settling the unsettled, the rare presumption of the two falling ends saluting at opposite poles of the flat land. There it was, a mere coincidence in the abrupt dialogue and the chance of inappropriate osculation; us, surrounded by the timid crowd as active spectators of the roles embodied on the proscenium of an act, the prologue as it transmutes towards the responsiveness of the downstage, crawling beneath the moonlight. Eyes bestowed their craft on witnessing those two grebes of us on synchronized movement as the tempo of the gesture moistened our figures.  I felt the discreet sweat drops sliding through your blush and nurturing my lips, now wet lips posing immaturely on the skin of a stranger, while the dainty twine tangles around our two adjacent plethoric bodies.”