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18 augustus 2020
Auteur(s): Mimansha Ranjan
Literature uses the sensibility of the author to shape either an emotion, a dilemma or a narrative. This second poem by Mimansha Ranjan continues the portrayal hidden within the art of words.

by Mimansha Ranjan


She craves solace and love. She craves for inspiration in the form of this love...

I crave a love stronger than the waves,

The one that is calm as lakes;

But violent when disturbed.

The one that could make me pray,

The one that reaches the bottom of the soul;

The one that makes me whole.

I crave a love deeper than before,

The one that shall shiver my bones.

The one with the potential to silence it all;

The havoc, the chaos and my darkest falls.

I crave a love that shall bring me a storm,

The one that kills the demons I found;

The devil that was born.

I crave a love that never ends,

Shall be timeless and unbound;

It would do me good and no wrong.

I crave a love that gives a butterfly her wings,

Unsolicited but surreal and warm;

A love that is powerful in every form,

Pacifying the hurricanes in mind;

A tempest unconquered,

A love that shall come alive.

I crave the love with a touch so unique,

Shall make me melt and my spirit adorn;

Making the dark nights easy and calm.

A love that will rise above the hell,

That shall make me blithe;

And stays on.

I crave a love flowing like a river,

Tuned to its own music;

And streaming forever.

A love that is free as a bird,

Without any restriction; unconditional,

And listening to no one.

I crave a love that shall shatter the mountains,

And rupture the land;

That shall bring destruction,

And ruin my perception;

My judgements and qualms.

I crave a love that quenches my thirst,

An answer to my undying search;

A love that I can reciprocate,

That is not directional.

A love that I shall not fear,

But be thrilled to embrace;

To adore and care 

A love that is there,

The next day and thereafter;

The one that grows old,

But shall be fresh and new and often original.

I crave a love that is not simple,

But a hell of an experience;

A brand new adventure.

A love that is no fairytale,

But a saga of compromises, sacrifices and inspiration.

...The love she craves is not common. It is powerful and novel. The idea of this love should make her tremble. The love that she craves should make her a better person.