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29 november 2020
Auteur(s): Mimansha Ranjan
Mimansha Ranjan explores the multitudes of the self in her hypnotic poem "I".

by Mimansha Ranjan

Contributing Writer and Public Relations Manager


I am anonymous;

Known to a few,

I am silence;

Breaking through your doors.

I am mystery;

Darker than before,

A little crimson;

Like the melting sun,

Or an irony maybe; never been enough.

A hue; making you forget the sorrow,

An ecstasy; capturing your gaze;

Or maybe a carefree masterpiece of tomorrow.

I am belief, keeping you amazed;

The energy that created me,

And all my vibrant atoms.

My blood isn't red or green,

It's rainbow;

I am not my smile but the laughter and scream,

I am not just a dialogue, but the script,

Strongly disagreeing to the unfounded.

I am the song that I sing,

I am the violence, that is never missed;

I am the ocean; out of your reach,

With its scary unreachable fathom.

I am not unoriginal; in the world of falsehood,

I am not just a girl,

But an architecture; unreal and sacred,

A replica shipped from Atlantis.

I am a human, an animal;

I am you, I am beautiful.

I am a pearl guarded inside an oyster;

It took many lives for me to arise.

I am the air that I breathe;

I am a particle; all restless,

I am the universe that is never witnessed.

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