March Against Racism on the 9th of May

Soon in Leuven

06 mei 2019
Auteur(s): Nicholas Johnston
Stand up against Racism!

by Aristel Skrbic

Contributing Writer

Leuven Progressive International is a student group which believes that left, green, feminist, and other progressive voices should be brought together to form a new international coalition. LPI was founded in December of last year by a mixture of Flemish and international students who wanted to connect and coordinate their political activities as part of a broader effort to form an international left alliance. They are organising a march titled Undivided Against Racism in Leuven on May 9th which will start at 7.30pm on Martelarenplein, outside of the Leuven train station. 

Everyone is welcome to join this march in solidarity with those who are often marginalised in our society. We will be standing side by side with migrants and refugees, whether they fled war, poverty, or climate change and whether documented or not; Muslims, whether from Belgium or elsewhere; poor people, those of all races, disabled people, women, and the LGBT+ community.

This march of solidarity will take place against the backdrop of another march taking place in Leuven that day, that of the student group Nationalist Student Association (NSV! in Dutch). The NSV! is an unofficial student wing of the far-right party Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest; VB) and advocates exclusionary and discriminatory policies. On this particular occasion, the NSV! will march for ‘re-migration’, as they call it. They think that newcomers can’t integrate and become part of the Flemish and Belgian society and so want ‘non-natives’ to ‘go back home’ or be deported. 

The Progressive International Leuven believes that while the far-right festers in social problems and discontent, they have no answers: not for the wars, poverty, or climate change which are all causing people to leave their homes and countries; nor for social wrongs such as unemployment, homelessness, low wages, and low pensions. Therefore, this is not only a march against discrimination, but also a march for a society providing for the needs of the many, not the few. It is a march with a positive message of inclusion and solidarity. If you want to stand up for values of decency, tolerance, and respect, join the Leuven Progressive International next Thursday in the Undivided Against Racism march. Have a look at the Facebook event to find more details and see the participating organisations and individuals. 

After the march there will also be an Undivided Party, starting at 8:30pm at the ‘t Gewelf on the Oude Markt. Here is the line-up: BAiLDSA will play a Greek mix of Balkan and Gypsy dancing sounds, adding a punk 'n’ roll touch every once in a while to spice things up. Afterparty: Dj Kamaradio Moskou will play Balkan records and possibly even some 80/90’s dance hits! And to finish the night, Discobar 7 inch will combine nostalgic and classics to make your feet move. 

See you next Thursday!  

For information about the event, visit the Facebook Page here: 

For information about entertainment about the after party, visit links here: 

For information about the event, visit the Facebook Page here:

For information about entertainment about the after party, visit links here:

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