Men Don't Cry

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24 augustus 2020
Auteur(s): Mimansha Ranjan
Literature uses the sensibility of the author to shape either an emotion, a dilemma or a narrative. This third poem by Mimansha Ranjan explores the fragility of men and the truth behind their tears.

by Mimansha Ranjan


The love she craves is not common. It is powerful and novel. The idea of this love should make her tremble. The love that she craves should make her a better person...

You have been shown,

Since your childhood;

"Men are strong",

You believe;

Whatever was taught to you.

"Men must not cry",

You cannot be a sentimental fool;

"Men are strong",

Led by example;

You have to be powerful.

"Men drink beer",

They cannot cook;

You were forced to believe,

"Men are superior",

You don't have emotions to show.

You were a boy,

You had no choice,

You learned not to cry;

You kept hiding,

Under these layers of rules.

You had to prove,

Your strength; 

By controlling your emotions,

What were you supposed to do?

You had to earn,

And be the head

Of your family;

You were subjected to think

You have to be the best

At everything that you do.

You were told to be dominant,

To sublime your anger and pain;

The rage you felt,

The toughness you faked,

You wanted to express;

The fear you couldn't embrace.

You were a rock,

Moulded and reformed;

You were a victim,

Of patriarchy and masculine norms.

You were hurt,

You fell out of love,

You didn't get the job,

The girl you loved,

You were judged,

Growing up was rough;

Even when you wanted to be soft,

You were stopped.

"Men mustn't cry",

It was made sure.

You had to be tough;

You were shaped,

By the people

Who taught you not to cry;

You observed it all around,

You were supposed to hide,

Whatever was bothering you.

"You were a Man"

You had to be secure,

You had to make money;

Your role was assured.

Your life would have been easy,

If they had taught:

You are a human,

And it's okay to react,

It's okay to lose,

You don't have to be strong all the time,

You can cry on your pillow.

You are a wonder,

Your thoughts were chained;

But you knew it all along,

That it needed to change.

It's okay for you to cry,

It doesn't make you weak or delicate.

Men can cry,

And it's okay.

...Men bear the pain silently. They are subjected to patriarchy just like women are. They are expected to be strong and tough. They cannot be seen crying.

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