The Art of Saying No

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16 september 2020
Auteur(s): Mimansha Ranjan
"A simple 'No'; / How hard is it to comprehend?" This fifth poem by Mimansha Ranjan paints a picture that may be all too familiar for many women.

by Mimansha Ranjan


Honesty is a mirror that we desire but are afraid to face. To choose between truth and lie is our favorite game. And no matter how badly we want to be honest; we are entangled in the web of deception and betrayal...

She refused to go out with him;

He didn't understand,

She was not interested;

He was stubborn of a kind,

He kept thinking;

She would eventually agree,

To sleep with him;

She became a victim,

Of horrifying things.

She was not safe,

At her workplace;

She was asked to stay late at night,

She didn't want to be alone with him;

She kept denying,

He didn't realise;

She was being polite,

A refusal;

He should have obliged.

She should have explained,

A simple 'No';

How hard is it to comprehend?

She didn't want to get married,

She was perfectly fine,

Single and confident;

She was threatened,

She had to compromise;

She didn't long for a companion,

She didn't have a choice,

She was bounded by restrictions,

She was forced to tie

A bond, without love,

The love she didn't find.

She couldn't decline,

She didn't want a child;

She was not motherly enough,

To bear a new life.

She had her own plans,

She kept lying.

She did realise,

Her 'No' makes 'No' sense;

No matter how much she tried.

She was modest,

A prisoner of her conscience.

She should have said 'No',

When she was asked to compromise;

She shouldn't have kept quiet,

When she was forced to abort a child.

How could she say 'No'?

A word,

A theory; she could not compile.

She was expected to obey,

To abide,

She had to hesitate;

She could not reject,

She had to agree,

When her man forced himself

On her every other night,

He abused her daily;

She couldn't deny,

The family she despised;

She couldn't say 'No',

Her 'No' made 'No' sense!

She knew it all along,

But she kept trying.

...No is a word least understood. No is an answer that is rarely accepted. No is hard to say and harder to believe. No is fair and No doesn't have a hidden message. No is not wrong. It is loud and clear.

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