The Longest Veggie Table - De Langste Veggietafel

Soon in Leuven

06 mei 2019
Auteur(s): Nicholas Johnston
For any food lovers out there...

by Tine Cuppens

Contributing Writer

Great news for food lovers! Explore the magical world of plant-based foods at the Langste Veggietafel in Leuven. This third edition, organized by EVA Vlaams-Brabant, will take place on the 9th of May 2019 on the Hogeschoolplein, where you can join between 16h and 20h for eating, meeting, sharing drinks and cosiness. The aim is to bring everyone together to discover delicious vegan dishes. You can bring your own (veggie) food or explore goodies from the food trucks. We already can guarantee that it will be a challenge to choose between all these delish dishes: vegan beer stew, hot dogs, wraps of all kinds, burgers, curries, gyros, ice cream, pie, cookies, pancakes, waffles… the list goes on. Confirmed food trucks and market/info stalls for the Langste Veggietafel in Leuven are: Bite Back, Content, Lumami, Loving Hut, Cosy Green, T&Ko, Naduah, Doekjes en Broekjes, Sea Shepherd, EVA Vlaams-Brabant, Aoste, and de Werf and Roos met Witte Stippen.

EVA Vlaams-Brabant is one of the 15 local EVA groups that are spread over Flanders and Brussels, all entirely run by volunteers. EVA (Ethical Vegetarian Alternative) was initially founded in Ghent in 2000 by a small group of motivated people wanting to change the world through its food system. EVA’s mission is to inspire people to choose plant-based meals. Why, you ask? Our three main reasons to choose plant-based meals are ethics (to avoid animal suffering), ecology (out of concern for the huge ecological footprint of animal-based foods) and health (since a balanced plant-based diet comes with numerous health benefits).

EVA organizes several large events, including Veggieworld, where thousands of participants join to discover vegan foods, caterers, body products, clothing and more. Furthermore, EVA also provides information (check out, develops educational materials and recipes (also to be found on the website) and organizes cooking classes for professionals and for the everyday kitchen lover. While EVA’s headquarters are currently in Ghent, local groups are bringing the action right to your neighbourhood!

The first Langste Veggietafel proved successful in Mechelen 11 years ago, and has counted a record number of participants this year - the latest estimates indicate up to 1500-2000 people. The Langste Veggietafel is part of Sustainability Week, organized by Green Office for KU Leuven. As sustainability is key, EVA commits to producing as little waste as possible during this event. Be welcome and bring your friends!

You can find more info on EVA Vlaams-Brabant’s facebook page here:

You can find more info on EVA Vlaams-Brabant’s facebook page here: