Celina Bebenek

Benieuwd wat deze auteur in het verleden schreef? Hier alvast een handig overzicht.

Artikels van Celina Bebenek

Celina Bebenek interviews local musicians, filmmakers and visual artists to see how they've been holding up - financially and personally - since the first lockdown last year.

The city of Leuven is remarkable for its cultural diversity, including various religious groups such as the San Damiano community.

Celina Bebenek discusses the recent controversy over changing norms in men's fashion and reviews the 'Masculinities' exhibition currently ongoing in The Fashion and Lace Museum, Brussels.

A quick look at the most wistful movies in the history of cinema. This is the first part of a series conveying short reviews of movies discussing sorrow, longing and solitude.

Meticulously prepared, effortlessly real, beautifully shot and portraying vivid characters. The Queen's Gambit is a story about a brilliant chess player. It is also a story about loneliness.

With its new exhibition ‘Theatrum Opticum Revived’, Cinematek offers the unorthodox vision of breaking up with tradition.