David Abidaoud

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Artikels van David Abidaoud

The brain is what makes everything you do possible, including reading this right now. However, how much do we really know about how it allows us to do all of these things?

Find out how to best stay up to date with student life at KU Leuven with Quivr and The Voice, international student magazine!

Much has been said already about the coronavirus or COVID-19. But... what is it really? What effects will it have on government policy and the economy? What can you do to help?

Writing is an invaluable skill which when used effectively can help us to communicate better and improve our lives significantly.

How can we truly live in a more sustainable society? Are individual lifestyle changes enough? What about governments and businesses?

After the general election of the 12th of December 2019 in the United Kingdom the Conservatives claimed a large majority in Parliament giving them a clearer road towards Brexit on the 31st of January.

Despite how distant American politics may seem, as seen from Europe, decisions made on the other side of the Atlantic can have a great impact on the European political landscape.

Student initiations, or baptisms as they are known here, are often an essential part of joining student organisations in which new prospective members undergo weird and even degrading activities...