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Quivr & The Voice: a Partnership for Students by Students

Find out how to best stay up to date with student life at KU Leuven with Quivr and The Voice, international student magazine!


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The Voice is the student newspaper run by internationals at KU Leuven. Between 2018 and 2022, The Voice published articles on the Veto website under the The Voice section, combined with translations of Dutch Veto articles. After 2022, the section was renamed to Veto English. Since then, the section has been operated by Veto English staff only.

By David Abidaoud

Contributing Writer

We are proud to announce the integration of The Voice, international student magazine into the Quivr application! This will allow you to access our content easily and quickly through Quivr, which you probably already know and love as the easy way to check your schedule. This collaboration was made possible by the fantastic team at Quivr, who were eager to help us find our place in their platform as part of the “News” section. Here you will be able to find our latest articles on what is happening at KU Leuven and what students have to say, as well as articles about all kinds of other relevant and interesting topics.

In addition, we recently invited a member of the Quivr team to come on one of our weekly “The Voice on Radio!” radio shows on Radio Scorpio (every Friday at 5 pm on 106 FM). We spoke with Jesse, a computer scientist from KU Leuven and the former president of Quivr, who said that the app is an extremely convenient application for students run by students. The application displays your class schedules, the menus at Alma, whether there is space at one of the libraries and, of course, the news. Before, the news incorporated on the platform was exclusively in Dutch, provided by Veto our sister magazine, but now with the addition of The Voice, the first English news source is now also available.

Jesse first joined Quivr as an Android developer and afterwards became a server manager, eventually becoming the President. Being part of the Quivr team has been an important part of his life and helped him grow with practical knowledge on top of the technical material that he learned at university.

Quivr was actually first started at a hackathon where all the ideas that are currently in the application were developed. A hackathon is generally a two day event, where a group of people work together to create a simple prototype for some kind of idea. The group of students that initially had the idea for Quivr faced the issue that at the time the university scheduling application was not really compatible with mobile devices, making it difficult for those who wanted to just check their next class easily on their phone. At the hackathon they dreamt up an idea to solve this problem and the rest is now history.

All the people that work for the Quivr app are students or have been students and the application was started with students in mind and is made for students, just as The Voice, international student magazine consists of radio and written content created by students for students. Hence, a partnership between Quivr and The Voice was long overdue and you can now find everything you need while at university on one single platform!

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