Sara Blanco

Benieuwd wat deze auteur in het verleden schreef? Hier alvast een handig overzicht.

Artikels van Sara Blanco

Nathalie Smuha, a KU Leuven researcher on the 2021 list of the 100 brilliant women in AI Ethics, explains the issues currently facing the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence.

As artistic storytelling has shifted towards online format, platforms like Webtoon have become more prevalent providing opportunities for artists to expose their work.

Spain is one of the countries most heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe.

This year's edition of Artefact brought to us by STUK focuses on what it is like to be alone in our modern society.

We increasingly see the world and ourselves through the lens of our smartphones which we then choose to distort to our pleasing with filters. But why do we do this so willingly?