Marit Pepplinkhuizen

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Artikels van Marit Pepplinkhuizen

Is there any sense in the comparison of the anti-lockdown demonstrations and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations during lockdown?

KU Leuven is investigating vaccine hesitancy, since failure to vaccinate enough people could prevent Belgium from achieving herd immunity against COVID-19 and other contagious diseases.

Black Pete or Zwarte Piet is a controversial character of the Sinterklaas festivities celebrated in early December in Belgium and the Netherlands, but the debate is not the same in both countries.

Whether or not there should be genuine concerns over espionage and interference in academia from the Chinese government and how to respond to this is a complex topic with many sides to it

KUL's position and promises on “inclusivity”, “safety” and “respect” do not seem to match its actions for everyone and some of those voicing their discontent feel they have been met with censorship

Philosophy has an important role to play in health care, particularly in treating mental health, such as for patients with OCD, yet currently a more philosophical approach is not widely employed.

How can we discuss white privilege with those not willing to see it?

Pangaea's Speaker's Corner will now be taking place online due to COVID-19 and its first online session will focus on "The state of exception by an unmotivated emergency" by Giorgio Agamben.

The government of The Netherlands has had a very different response to the COVID-19 pandemic from the rest of the world. They plan to let the population get infected to build a herd immunity.

Spain is one of the countries most heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe.

Many countries have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not all countries have responded in the same way. But what is certain is that we are not alone and everyone has a story to tell.

The increase in tuition fees for certain programmes at KU Leuven is seemingly a reflection of its market model view on education.

In the next few days events organized by Leuven Students Against Tuition Fees will be taking place to protest against the tuition fees increase at KU Leuven. Find out all about them!