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Ahmad has a harder time finding a ‘kot’ than Willem-Jan

Numerous international students are entering Leuven soil. Some start the semester from their ‘kot’. Out of sight, but not out of mind, claim the faculties.

In October 2017, Pangaea was festively reopened after long renovations with a look at the past as a panel reviewed the colonial history of the building, back then 'Home Congolais'.

Interview with Kalyani Unkule, director of International Affairs at the Jindal Global Law School.

When you visit Pangaea, you literally walk over the flag of the Belgian-Congo. A souvenir of the presence of our university in the colony. But what did our alma mater actually do there?

Exams during the block period are a possibility. The university is working on scenarios in case physical exams will not be an option.

There is no escaping the coronavirus. The health crisis also has indirect victims as well. Asian students explain how because of the virus old and new stereotypes come to light.

The government of The Netherlands has had a very different response to the COVID-19 pandemic from the rest of the world. They plan to let the population get infected to build a herd immunity.

The university cancels all physical lessons until at least the Easter holidays, regardless of their nature. Students don’t have to come back after this weekend.

Since the 5th of March the KU Leuven no longer uses Google, but Ecosia as the standard search engine. The initiative was started in cooperation with the Green Office.

Digital teaching methods would become lifeline of university in case of (partial) lockdown​

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! So, here is our list of the best Christmas markets around Leuven, in case you need a break from your studies.

They are very active these days at Pangaea, the meeting centre for internationals, which makes sense since KU Leuven has a stunning 10,898 international students this year.

Imagine: you come to Leuven as an international and you lose your heart to the university and to a new love. Want to get married at KU Leuven? It's possible at the English-speaking University Parish!

Professors, PhD students and second year students, they all got through it. We gathered their wise counsel and best tips to succeed in your first year in Leuven.