Quivr develops new counting system for 24 urenloop

© Corneel Claeys
© Corneel Claeys

On account of the LOKO-Ulyssis split, Quivr has decided it will take care of this year's 24 urenloop counting system. The system will differ slightly from last year's. Preparations are running smoothly and teams are already warming up for what will be the most important event of the year.


After the 2022 edition, Ulyssis ended its cooperation with LOKO definitively. Thus, LOKO began searching for a replacement. Finally, Quivr offered to take up the job: 'After internal deliberations, we decided to approach LOKO ourselves', Quivr Chairman Wout Ceulemans recounts. 

'An important difference is that, unlike Ulyssis, we work with Bluetooth and not RFID'

Wout Ceulemans, Quivr Chairman

Since June 2023, the Quivr-team has been working intensively on the new counting system. 'Part of our team started from zero and has developed its own soft- and hardware ,' Ceulemans explains. 'In the meantime, the other part has focused on other projects, like our app.' 

The new counting system will not bring any changes for the runners. Laps will still be measured using relay batons, however, the underlying technology is entirely different. 'An important difference is that we work with Bluetooth and not with RIFD like Ulyssis does', Ceulemans emphasizes.

Preparations running smoothly 

The system is still undergoing tests at the moment. 'LOKO and its Technical Support Division is assisting us with that.' Communication with Quivr is running smoothly, according to LOKO Sports coordinator Marion Cardous. Cardous and her team are responsible for the ins and outs of the 24 urenloop.

'Preparations are running smoothly this year', Cardous asserts. 'But we are certainly feeling the impact of inflation.' Still, this edition will be cheaper than last year's. 'That is mainly due to last year's anniversary edition', Cardous declares. 'Also, good business relations have allowed us to economise.' 

Atmosphere's runners are hoping to once again break their own record this year

Runner's High – the arts associations' and Pedagogical association's alliance – are hoping to outperform last year's edition. 'To perform worse is difficult of course', Lucas Thijs, KOCO Arts' sport responsible, remarks jokingly. Last edition, the team ended second-to-last. As such, they hope to move up a couple of ranks. From this year onwards, they are doing so with a smaller group, as NFK and Katechetika are no longer part of the team. 

Last year, to everyone's surprise, Atmosphere's runners broke their own record and hope to do so again this year. 'Our training sessions are led by a member who also gives athletic training in their free time', Matthias Laureyn, Atmosphere's sport praeses, boasts.

VTK, on the other hand, is ready to compete with Apolloon: 'We are training every week from monday to thursday', praeses Tom Vangronsveld states. Undoubtedly, this year's edition will prove to be exciting. It remains to be seen whether a symbolic women's lap will take place.

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