Professor shoots student

Japanese scientists are researching a mechanism to combat obesity, a Bangladeshi teacher shoots his student during an exam and the Israeli Hebrew University suspends a Palestinian professor.

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Japanese researchers find mechanism behind weight gain in people over 40

A Nagoya University research team led by Professor Nakamura Kazuhiro has discovered the underlying cause of weight gain and heightened obesity risk among middle-aged adults. 

The team focused on melanocortin 4 receptors in the brain of rats. The team discovered that primary cilia, small vibrating hairs located outside the cell membrane, undergo shortening with age. Primary cilia regulate metabolism and food intake.

Nakamura assumes that a similar mechanism also exists in humans

Rats subjected to a high-calorie diet exhibited shortened cilia, while the cilia of rats on a low-calorie diet showed lengthening. Thus, the study shows that, in addition to ageing, excessive food intake also shortens cilia. 

In addition, Nakamura demonstrates the presence of a similar mechanism in humans. With these findings, he hopes to counteract weight gain in middle-aged adults by developing a new treatment for obesity.

University suspends lecturer only two days after attack on student

At Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College in Sirajganj, in northern Bangladesh, a professor shot a 23-year-old student. 

A heated argument erupted during an exam, during which Professor Raihan Sharif lost his composure. According to The Daily Star, a Bangladeshi newspaper, the student's cell phone caught the bullet, saving his life.The student was taken to the hospital without serious injuries.

During the incident, 45 students were present in the classroom. After the shooting, they assailed their teacher en masse and locked him up. Fellow students contacted the police, who arrested the professor.

The professor already had a notorious reputation

Raihan Sharif had already gained a notorious reputation at the College. He had allegedly threatened to use weapons during previous disagreements causing his dismissal from his former job at North Bengal University Hospital. Now, he must stand trial for attempted murder and intimidation, as well as for the illegal possession of weapons.

The shooting caused great uproar in Bangladesh, since the university only suspended the professor two days after the event. Moreover, the suspension was announced only after protests from medical students.

Hebrew University suspends prominent Palestinian academic

Jerusalem's Hebrew University (HU) has suspended Palestinian academic Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, professor of law, after she said that 'it is time to abolish Zionism'.

In an interview with Israel's Channel 14, Shalhoub-Kevorkian said that Zionism 'cannot continue' because it is 'criminal'. She also signed an open letter in October accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza and calling for an end to apartheid and the ongoing occupation of Palestine.

Shalhoub-Kevorkian's statements 'bring shame to our prestigious institution', Hebrew University claims

The University announced that Shalhoub-Kevorkian joining the petition via letter was a step too far. They advised her to resign from her position. However, Shalhoub-Kevorkian continued to issue 'divisive statements', which 'brought shame to our prestigious institution', HU claimed. Shalhoub-Kevorkian's suspension was widely criticised online. 

Previously, Palestinian students in Israel who were suspected of sympathising with Gaza residents or holding critical opinions on Israeli policies were suspended. As such was reported by Middle East Eye in October.

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