Paved pathway

Kunst hoeft niet monumentaal te zijn om iets te vertellen. 'Kleine kunst' herbergt woordkunst in haar fijnste vorm, om in te verzinken, te overpeinzen en van te genieten.


A journey till the very end
Every single human being has one
Some end early while others sip slowly
I am the only one on mine
Though from where I’m standing now
It looks like others can tag along
Just like I enter their paved paths
A junction, a cross-over, an intersection

Where we, you and I, meet up
A pit stop during the travel
The travel traversing over hills and valleys
At top speed, at least that is what it feels like, what is expected
Taking days or even weeks to slow down
Taking care of my road,
Taking a moment to look back
Those takings are needed to survive

Some end without proper love and nurture
While others fit into the standards blending with the noise
All these journeys happen simultaneously
One here, another over there
The chaos may overwhelm, even become sickening

So in all the happenings, find your own choices
Choosing your way in your journey
Like I did with mine, writing about mundane moments
And everyday things, small or gigantic
My journey develops with every step I take
Don’t be scared to take your next choice

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